Therapeutic Tourism

Therapeutic Tourism: Engaging in activities that enhance well being while on the road.

It could be learning how to get veggies into your diet in Central America, dental tourism in Delhi, massage or fish spa therapy in Chiang Mai, or hiking and visiting a tranquil garden in Boquete.

Therapeutic tourism can be found all over the globe.  At Earthdrifter I believe that engaging in any kind of therapy will expand the depth of a person’s make-up, potential and well-being.

As I travel, I seek out things that help enhance wellness. I try to experience them and share when I deem something to be beneficial.

So, whether it’s visiting a village paradise in El Valle, consuming fashionable fruit in Udaipur, eating succulent ceviche in Panama City or learning the benefits of an elixir spawned in KL, therapeutic tourism allows the traveler to engage in new, mind-opening, enriching and even life changing experiences.  When we travel, we change, most often for the better.

When we engage in therapeutic tourism we always change in a positive way.

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Is there anything therapeutic you’ve experienced or read about, or would like to experience?  Feel free to leave a comment or send an email to


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  1. Posted by Elizabet on February 4, 2012 at 18:49

    Me gusta mucho las fotos y los lugares de Colombia. Que bueno que estes disfrutando, esta muy interesante todo lo que escribes de los lugares de Colmbia a los que estas visitando. Saludos!


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