Under the Incan Sun: A Morning Workout and Photo Session in Huacachina

The goal was to be out at the crack of dawn, when the desert air is at its finest. Due to evening food and internet complications, a whole other story, I got to sleep a bit later than planned.  My body clock finally forced my eyes open just after the sun began its ascent.

I was out the door at 6:25 and on the dune at 6:4o.

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Captured for the Camera in Cambodia: A Photo Essay of People

I’m still in Lima, starting my fifth month in South America.  I haven’t been to Cambodia in over seven months.

Something I ate on a Thai island just days before crossing the border caused an intestinal illness, limiting my enthusiasm, and causing me to cut my Cambodia experience short.

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Ah. So. How Do You Guys Know Each Other?

I find myself in Lima, Perú.  The reason I haven’t left yet is because I have a guest bedroom at a friend’s place.

As a long term traveler, it’s not often that I know someone in the far away and exotic destination that I’m in. But when it happens and they put me up, I feel at home.  It gets comfy and hard to leave.

I’m in a spot where there are no hostels or tourists.  I’m living among locals in their domain.  It feels somewhat normal.

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Pre-Paid Phone Chip Folly in the Land of the Incas

In all my travels, this is the first trip that I’ve carried around a workable phone. I have phone chips for Colombia and Ecuador.  In Medellín I had my phone internationalized and then added minutes to a chip and recharged as needed.  All went super smoothly.  In Quito, I bought a chip and ditto, no problems.

I purchased a movistar chip after arriving in my first Peruvian destination, the surfer’s resort of Mancora.  The phone worked twice while I was in the city of Chiclayo.  Then while in Trujillo, I tried to make a call but it didn’t go through.  I sent an email to a friend asking to try to call me.  I got an email back saying that the call didn’t work.

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Dental Tourism in Trujillo

While in Trujillo a few days ago, I came to realize that my last dental cleaning was in Delhi five months ago.

I was on an afternoon mission:  To find a dentist that would clean my teeth for around $20.

I left Casa de Clara for a very short stroll and a right turn before I noticed a dental establishment.

I rang the bell.  A girl popped her head out.   I said something along the lines of:

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Four Acts of Altruism During One Short Drifting Jaunt in Northern Perú

Last week it was stated on my where I am page that I was in the Northern Peruvian city of Piura. Piura was a stop after spending less than a day and a half in the southern pacific beach resort town of Mancora.  Mancora lies in a tropical zone just two hours from the Ecuadorian border by bus.

Upon leaving the homey and cheap Cocos Inn in scorching hot Piura, I had a conversation with the vintage home’s owner.  To make a long story short, this man gave me erroneous information about where to get a bus south to the city of Chiclayo.

After taking a mototaxi to the park where I was told the bus company was located, I found myself lost as there was no bus company there.

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11 Ways to Make the Best of a Long-Distance South American Bus Ride

While recently traveling from Loja, Ecuador to the border town of Huaquillo, I realized that I was enduring the longest bus ride I’d experienced since India.  That made me ponder: Since arriving in Medellín about three months ago, I’ve been traveling slowly and avoiding long rides.

But then, after five weeks in Ecuador, I decided that it was time to get down to what appeared to be a vast and exotic Perú.  This bus ride that brought me to the border took about seven hours.

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Haquillas, Ecuador to Tumbes, Perú: A Confusing Crossing

I was under the asinine assumption that the border crossing from Huaquillas to Tumbes would be ridiculously smooth like the one from Colombia into Ecuador that I’d crossed five weeks prior.  That super easy crossing conditioned me to think that my next land pass over would be equally as easy.  Oh how wrong I was.

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A Short Drifting Diversion in Riobamba

While drifting towards two volcanoes and a sunset, I was interrupted by a short woman who was standing under a tree’s branches that were hanging above the sidewalk.  She asked if I would please pull some leaves down from the tree above.

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Drifting Towards two Volcanoes and a Sunset in Riobamba

After spending almost two hours drifting in and around Riobamba’s center looking for a cheap hotel, I finally came across the Hotel Glamour.  It was the sixth place I’d checked out and the first that was equipped with wifi in the rooms.

Of the two rooms that were left, I chose the huge one that had a work table.  The other room on offer was only $10 but it didn’t have a window.  I always try my best to avoid musty, windowless rooms.  The big one was $15.  The man kindly gave it to me for $13 after I asked for that price.   I thought: It’s more than I want to pay.  But, the room is great and I’m really tired of looking at hotel rooms.  I have a vista of a snowcapped volcano to find before sunset and I’ve already used up way too much time.

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