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Fortunate to be Able to Drift

Upon choosing my next destination, I spent more time than I planned researching and dealing with bureaucracy.  But I can’t complain.   I must feel fortunate to have the ability to drift.

Besides Brazil in ’99, I haven’t been to a BRIC country.   At the moment, I’m interested in BRICs.

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Florida in January

Hernando, Florida: Ever since the time I drove the east coast, including a chunk of Florida, I never had a great feeling about this particular, flat, strip-mall laden state. I never understood why people ranted and raved about Florida.  This could be because I’ve never been here in January.

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12 Things to do on a Long Distance Amtrak Train

I’m Somewhere in North Carolina: I’ve recently boarded an Amtrak train in Richmond, VA.  I’ll be on this train for about 17 hours; so, I’ll need to perform as many different tasks as possible to not be in a hurry to reach my destination.  Instead of being in a rush, I’ll work on focusing only on the task at hand, and not my arrival time.  I’ll be engaging in the following activities for this ride:

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Family Guy for a Day

 We drove along a dark, poorly visible, two-lane highway that was separated only by a dim white line. Black ice caused us to skid once, while I, the passenger, was without a functional seat belt. Deep down inside, for a split second, I was in a freakish state of shock. Due to my old chum commuting close to three hours round trip to Richmond daily, he’s a seasoned driver who handled the skid just right.   But I still thought:  Dude, come on, get that seat belt fixed huh.

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Let the Drifting Begin

I’m sitting on a bus in southern New Jersey, en route to D.C., the nation’s capital, where I’ve never been. This is a bit ironic as the U.S. is the country where I hold my only citizenship.  D.C. will be a first for me, even if I’ve only got a meager two-hour layover before I’m scheduled to hop on another bus for Richmond, where an old college chum from the north, who has recently relocated to VA, will meet and drive me back to his family’s abode, somewhere in the middle of VA, where the wild country is probably beautiful.

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