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A Letter to My 70 Plus Subscribers and Anyone Else Reading

Dear esteemed readers,

As you can see, things have changed a little bit here.  You’ve been redirected to my exclusive domain and with that, a smoother theme and new host.

NOTE: If you haven’t been redirected yet, i.e., if the site still looks the same, please click on the following link:

Things were supposed to go relatively smoothly, until they turned disastrous.  That’s an exaggeration.  It’s turned into something between disaster and perfect bliss.   I was overly optimistic about the change process, until Murphy’s Law came into play more than I’d expected.

It’s much healthier to live in the present tense, not the past, or the recent past when I spent too much time searching for just the right theme or layout scheme.  It got to the point where I’d need to find someone to code exactly what I wanted, or just pick one of the fifty thousand that I came across.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration too, maybe not.  I finally picked one.

I’m happy with the new theme, but there are little things that need to be fixed.  That’ll happen over time as things move up on the priority list.

Click on any image on this site and you’ll notice a flickr photo feature which is constantly being enhanced.  I’m very excited about it.

At this moment, there is virtual bliss.

Things are good except for one thing.   This is where I could use your help.   The email subscriber’s list from the old site didn’t pull over to this new one.  In the top right column you see an email subscriber box.  If you’d like to keep getting notifications of new posts via email, please sign up again.  If you’re not a subscriber, you’re more than welcome to sign up too.

For what it’s worth, every time someone subscribes, that will be another time that I smile.  The more we smile, the closer we come to bliss.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m off to the Middle East in a couple of days.  The goal is to replenish drifting dough through teaching, a form of interaction that I enjoy.

A plan is to learn as much spoken and written Arabic as possible.  

I plan to explore a whole new culture while figuring out how to live a healthy lifestyle.     Stay tuned!


3 Tropically Exotic South American Fruits

Tropical destinations remind me that everything grown isn’t exported.  There are more fruits than us four seasons dwellers know of.

Although those of us that don’t live in tropical zones can get imported coconut, mango, papaya and pineapple, there are other delectable fruits that we don’t come across.

Many say that fruit is the single best type of food you can eat.  Our bodies crave and love it.  I try to eat multiple servings per day.

While it’s easier when I’m situated in one place for a bit, I still manage  on the road, especially in the tropics.  There, I can’t help but notice fruit all over the place.

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Gone are the Hotel Nights That Include Breakfast

25,000 right.”

Actually it’s 35,000.  But that’s with breakfast included.”

I thought: Breakfast is nice.  I read somewhere online that it was 25,000 but . . .  Prices go up.  Bills need to be paid.  It’s not super easy to make a solid living off of running a little place of accommodation.

25,000 Colombian Pesos = $14.  35,000 is $19.50.  I shouldn’t have been spending that much each night in Manizales.  At the time I justified it being a good value because I had my own room and a home cooked breakfast was included.

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Peruvian Cuisine

Ages ago I wrote a post entitled Nicaraguan Cuisine. Nicaragua was the first foreign country that I’d started blogging in.  Now, after a drifting escapade through Perú, the ninth land that my virtual publication has seen outside of the US, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to a country’s cuisine again.

There’s a consensus among aficionados in the Americas. Many believe that Perú possesses preeminence in the category of cuisine.

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When in Medellín: A Traditional Sunday Dinner

For a while now,  I’ve been loosely thinking about doing a weekly cuisine series.  I didn’t want it to sound cliché or like any of the million blogs out there that are already doing something similar.

Yesterday, while throwing my vegetarian ideals into an amoral abyss, I devoured a typical slab of Colombian steak and all of its accompaniments.  It was during that feast when the idea came to fruition:  When in Medellín: My Traditional Sunday Dinner.

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Fashionable Fruit Creations in Udaipur

While traveling in SE Asia and India over the last few months, a mantra has been popping into my head.  It’s not my own catch phrase though.

At the Backpacker’s Inn in Managua this past January, I spoke with a gregarious Canuck from Saskatchewan.  He was eating breakfast that he’d brought from home while we were chatting about healthy eating and exercise.  He had some sort of fiber-laden cereal concoction.

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How to get Veggies into your Diet in Central America

Getting veggies into your diet in Central America can be an elusive endeavor. But, like anything, with proper focus and motivation, it’s doable.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, we should get nine servings of veggies daily.   That’s a lofty goal for anyone at home or abroad.  Most of us, including myself, don’t often reach it.   I’d like to try to change that.

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15 Ways to Boost Your Health While on the Road

The ability to stick to a routine greatens when living in one’s home.  Home breeds habit. This includes sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime.

When traveling from place to place, the concept of routine can be forgotten; thus, it’s easier to let your health slip compared to when you’re in a place of permanence.

The following tips can apply to both travelers and those who aren’t transient. I just find that it’s more challenging to maintain my desired food intake and exercise regime while on the road. While drifting and having to figure out constant new logistics, and living out of a small bag, it’s harder to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Not always having a kitchen can cause us to buy whatever’s in front of us when we’re hungry.

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Succulent Ceviche in Panama City

In the last seven weeks I’ve had Ceviche on Managua’s Malecón, in San José’s traditional market, and for two straight days now in Panama City’s Mercado de Mariscos.

From inadvertently Ceviche-Hopping along half of Central America’s isthmus, I feel that I’m rapidly becoming a Ceviche connoisseur.

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A Museum for an Aphrodisiac

Like most Europeans and the majority of people from the American continent, I immensely enjoy chocolate; but it goes beyond that.  I’m actually a chocolate fiend.  It’s so bad that I have a rule, I don’t buy it.  Or, I buy only a small amount, because I always eat what I have.  I can’t stop if it’s there; thus, for me, this small amount is important, as chocolate has beneficial properties when consumed in moderation.

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