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Perú: A Desirable Drifting Destination

In September of 1999, just two months after hiking the Inca Trail and getting a brief introduction to Perú, I managed to secure two more weeks of vacation from my job.

I wanted to visit a land where I’d never been.

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Pre-Paid Phone Chip Folly in the Land of the Incas

In all my travels, this is the first trip that I’ve carried around a workable phone. I have phone chips for Colombia and Ecuador.  In Medellín I had my phone internationalized and then added minutes to a chip and recharged as needed.  All went super smoothly.  In Quito, I bought a chip and ditto, no problems.

I purchased a movistar chip after arriving in my first Peruvian destination, the surfer’s resort of Mancora.  The phone worked twice while I was in the city of Chiclayo.  Then while in Trujillo, I tried to make a call but it didn’t go through.  I sent an email to a friend asking to try to call me.  I got an email back saying that the call didn’t work.

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11 Ways to Make the Best of a Long-Distance South American Bus Ride

While recently traveling from Loja, Ecuador to the border town of Huaquillo, I realized that I was enduring the longest bus ride I’d experienced since India.  That made me ponder: Since arriving in Medellín about three months ago, I’ve been traveling slowly and avoiding long rides.

But then, after five weeks in Ecuador, I decided that it was time to get down to what appeared to be a vast and exotic Perú.  This bus ride that brought me to the border took about seven hours.

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