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Thailand: Massage Capital of the Earth

This outdoor business charges 60 Baht or $2.01 for half-an hour and 120 Baht or $4.02 per hour.

While drifting through the streets of Chiang Mai, I thought: Thailand’s second biggest city feels like a village compared to the capital megacity of Bangkok.

For a relatively small municipality, the ubiquity of massage treatment  venues is astonishing.  There must be hundreds or even thousands of these therapeutic salons.  Overwhelmed by the options, I pondered: Thailand must be the massage capital of the world.

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Chillin’ in Chiang Mai

Upon leaving Chiang Mai for Bangkok I thought: I can’t believe that almost three weeks have passed since I left India.  Where has all the time gone?  What have I done?

I’ve been enjoying my comfy 400 baht  or $13.40 a night room that comes with a fast internet connection, a/c, desk, chair, cable TV, private bath with hot water, closet, reading light and daily cleaning service.

I’ve managed to put a dent in editing old posts.  The oldest ones have reached the ripe age of around seven months.  I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for that long. The edits are a part of my anal-retentive demeanor.  I don’t want any posts to look sloppy.  I feel that this slight compulsion for neatness is integral in going forward with this fledgling earth drifting project.

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