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Food Savvy Acquired After More Than a Year of Drifting

Back in December of 2010, I wrote my first post: 10 things I Want to do on My Next Trip.   I published this list before beginning my drifting experiment.

I recently got the first comment on that first post, 164 entries later. It comes from the stream of consciousness travel writer and photo blogger Pinky Binks:

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How I Scored a Dirt-Cheap International Air Ticket

Upon feeling better after a stomach illness, I decided to acquire a ticket for my next destination.

My first inquiry was with AirAsia.  Since my date criteria was set for just three days in advance, this popular airline showed that all flights were full.

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Reflections on Pacifism

Yesterday, I was reminded how much I despise war.  I don’t want to hate anything on this great earth, but, warfare is nonsensical and I utterly detest it.  It only makes sense to those who stand to make a profit.

While visiting the famous Bridge over the River Kwai and the World War II & JEATH Museum in Kanchanaburi, Thailand yesterday, I couldn’t help but think: Today, with all the access to information and the knowledge that we have of the past, how do we tolerate new wars?

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A Day of Expenditures in Thailand

On the way to Sala Daeng

Like most places in the world, you can get by spending a lot or a little.  What I typically try to do is get the best value for my money.

As an example of what things cost in Thailand, I’d like to break down exactly what I spent yesterday.

Upon leaving my friend’s plush apartment in the upscale Sathorn area of Bangkok, I power walked about a kilometer or .62 miles to the closest BTS Bangkok Transit System or Sky Train station of Sala Daeng.

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Health is Wealth

End of Inca Trail 1999 – Photo by Lisandro

I’ve had traveler’s diarrhea on at least a handful of occasions that I can remember in the last 16-and-a-half years.   Yes, I’ve been traveling on and off for at least that long.

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Random People of Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

Of the 339 photos that I sifted through a few days ago, I didn’t make use of the best ones exclusively for the previous post.  I also used pics from that collection in the wats, massage, and fish spa postings.

I hate to be the ugly tourist who forces people to be in pictures.  Not everyone likes to have their photo taken.  That doesn’t seem to hold true in India, where people ask you out of the blue to take pics of them and you.  But this wasn’t India anymore.

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Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

While sorting through exactly 339 photos taken in Chaing Mai, I came across six outodoor, day pics that I thought to be worthy of posting.

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Great Things About Thailand

Bangkok skyline from Wat Arun

I sat during the short ferry ride from Koh Chang elephant island on the way back to the mainland, and thought: Thai people in tourist areas are jaded.  It’s easy to notice the aloof and glib look as a Thai toiling in tourism turns her eye.

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Wats of Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

Chiang Mai is loaded with wats or Buddhist temples. There are said to be over 300 of them in the relatively small city. They provide visual pleasure for travelers who make time to stop and gaze in awe.

When walking past temples or into their complexes, I couldn’t help but pull out my camera on many occasions. During my three weeks in Chiang Mai, I probably snapped around a hundred shots of these architectural wonders.

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Fish Spa Therapy

While walking around Chiang Mai, I couldn’t help but notice the occasional fish spa. Although these alternative treatment centers aren’t in abundance like the massage establishments, these fish therapy salons are noticeably scattered throughout the city.

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