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Four Acts of Altruism During One Short Drifting Jaunt in Northern Perú

Last week it was stated on my where I am page that I was in the Northern Peruvian city of Piura. Piura was a stop after spending less than a day and a half in the southern pacific beach resort town of Mancora.  Mancora lies in a tropical zone just two hours from the Ecuadorian border by bus.

Upon leaving the homey and cheap Cocos Inn in scorching hot Piura, I had a conversation with the vintage home’s owner.  To make a long story short, this man gave me erroneous information about where to get a bus south to the city of Chiclayo.

After taking a mototaxi to the park where I was told the bus company was located, I found myself lost as there was no bus company there.

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A Tentative Travel Plan

I’m sitting in the center seat on the back of a bus from San Agustín to Popayán.  The good thing is that I have a little bit of legroom behind the teenage girl who’s sitting on the aisle floor in front of me.

The transport setup lacks assigned seating.  I’m perched too high to get more than a narrow glimpse of the visually therapeutic nature outside.  I think:  At least I have leg room so this isn’t one of the most uncomfortable bus rides I’ve had to endure.

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Doing a Good Deed in Delhi

While traveling, and it should apply to not traveling too, I try to do something helpful on a daily basis.  It doesn’t matter how meager or grand it is.  It’s just nice to make a contribution to the human race.  By doing something, anything, it keeps the consistency and mindfulness going.

I sometimes think: If everyone tried to focus on doing one daily altruistic deed, the world would be even better than it already is.

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Northern Europe in November

The flight from Delhi was almost free of turbulence.  I felt rattling only once while being jarred awake, as there was an announcement in Dutch followed by English.  A flight attendant stated that we were flying through strong winds.  The shaking subsided in seconds and I was back asleep.

After landing in Amsterdam and exiting the aircraft, I quickly made my way to customs.

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Reflections on Pacifism

Yesterday, I was reminded how much I despise war.  I don’t want to hate anything on this great earth, but, warfare is nonsensical and I utterly detest it.  It only makes sense to those who stand to make a profit.

While visiting the famous Bridge over the River Kwai and the World War II & JEATH Museum in Kanchanaburi, Thailand yesterday, I couldn’t help but think: Today, with all the access to information and the knowledge that we have of the past, how do we tolerate new wars?

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Signs of India

Whenever I see a sign that I find appealing,  I snap a shot of it.  After looking at it on my machine, I either delete or tweak.  If the photo makes it to the tweaking process, it may or may not make it into a post.  Here are a few that I’ve deemed worthy enough for you to check out.

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Q & A: India

Sometimes I get questions from readers.  The following recently came in from Earthdrifter subscriber AL:

Despite the heat, beggars, and overcrowding, do you like India?

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Yin and Yang in India

Do you know which religion these guys are practicing?

Travelling in India is like taking LSD.  Either you’ll have a really good trip, or a really bad one.”

India attracts three types of travelers: people who are looking for  spirituality, people who want drugs, and people who are insane.”

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Reflections on Actions, Labels, and Travel

A few years back there was a 51-year-old Swiss man who spray painted over a picture of the King in Thailand’s second biggest city of Chiang Mai.  He got 10 years.  I have sympathy for his punishment, as did the King, who pardoned him. Yet, I have no sympathy for his useless and foolish act.  When I read about it in the paper I thought: Why would you mess with bureaucracy, and in this case, royal politics, in a country that’s not your own?

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Fortunate to be Able to Drift

Upon choosing my next destination, I spent more time than I planned researching and dealing with bureaucracy.  But I can’t complain.   I must feel fortunate to have the ability to drift.

Besides Brazil in ’99, I haven’t been to a BRIC country.   At the moment, I’m interested in BRICs.

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