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3 Tropically Exotic South American Fruits

Tropical destinations remind me that everything grown isn’t exported.  There are more fruits than us four seasons dwellers know of.

Although those of us that don’t live in tropical zones can get imported coconut, mango, papaya and pineapple, there are other delectable fruits that we don’t come across.

Many say that fruit is the single best type of food you can eat.  Our bodies crave and love it.  I try to eat multiple servings per day.

While it’s easier when I’m situated in one place for a bit, I still manage  on the road, especially in the tropics.  There, I can’t help but notice fruit all over the place.

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You Went to Nazca but Didn’t Fly Over the Nazca Lines?

This question has been posed to me a few times.

Nazca is a tranquil little city off the Panamericana, on the desert coast.  It’s home to one of the biggest tourist spots in Perú.  The Nazca Lines is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Food Savvy Acquired After More Than a Year of Drifting

Back in December of 2010, I wrote my first post: 10 things I Want to do on My Next Trip.   I published this list before beginning my drifting experiment.

I recently got the first comment on that first post, 164 entries later. It comes from the stream of consciousness travel writer and photo blogger Pinky Binks:

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Peruvian Cuisine

Ages ago I wrote a post entitled Nicaraguan Cuisine. Nicaragua was the first foreign country that I’d started blogging in.  Now, after a drifting escapade through Perú, the ninth land that my virtual publication has seen outside of the US, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to a country’s cuisine again.

There’s a consensus among aficionados in the Americas. Many believe that Perú possesses preeminence in the category of cuisine.

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Perú: A Desirable Drifting Destination

In September of 1999, just two months after hiking the Inca Trail and getting a brief introduction to Perú, I managed to secure two more weeks of vacation from my job.

I wanted to visit a land where I’d never been.

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Chala to Arequipa: A Bus Passage For the Ages

I found myself in the small city of Nazca.  This historic city lies about three hours south of Ica and the dunes of Huacachina.    My goal was to get to Arequipa which is about 12 hours south of Nazca.

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I am Waiting for the Pictures: Memories From Chan Chan

Upon my arrival at the entry point to the vast Chan Chan ruins along Peru’s northern coast, a guide was trying to sell me a tour.  He wanted 50 soles or $18.73.  I wasn’t sure how to respond.

Ah.  Guided Tour.  Señor.  Muchas gracias.  Muy amable.  But I really prefer to see the ruins on my own.”

I was being totally honest.  I thought:  I like to drift solo and not with a guide if I can help it.

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Under the Incan Sun: A Morning Workout and Photo Session in Huacachina

The goal was to be out at the crack of dawn, when the desert air is at its finest. Due to evening food and internet complications, a whole other story, I got to sleep a bit later than planned.  My body clock finally forced my eyes open just after the sun began its ascent.

I was out the door at 6:25 and on the dune at 6:4o.

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Ah. So. How Do You Guys Know Each Other?

I find myself in Lima, Perú.  The reason I haven’t left yet is because I have a guest bedroom at a friend’s place.

As a long term traveler, it’s not often that I know someone in the far away and exotic destination that I’m in. But when it happens and they put me up, I feel at home.  It gets comfy and hard to leave.

I’m in a spot where there are no hostels or tourists.  I’m living among locals in their domain.  It feels somewhat normal.

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Pre-Paid Phone Chip Folly in the Land of the Incas

In all my travels, this is the first trip that I’ve carried around a workable phone. I have phone chips for Colombia and Ecuador.  In Medellín I had my phone internationalized and then added minutes to a chip and recharged as needed.  All went super smoothly.  In Quito, I bought a chip and ditto, no problems.

I purchased a movistar chip after arriving in my first Peruvian destination, the surfer’s resort of Mancora.  The phone worked twice while I was in the city of Chiclayo.  Then while in Trujillo, I tried to make a call but it didn’t go through.  I sent an email to a friend asking to try to call me.  I got an email back saying that the call didn’t work.

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