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7 Great things About Medellín

After being in Medellín for a short time, I realized some great reasons to visit this mammoth Andean capital of the state of Antioquia.

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The World-Class Medellín Metro

I never thought I’d write a post about a city’s metro system.  But, I’ve seen a few of the world’s finest and the Medellín Metro is now my favorite on earth.  Using it is also what I believe to be the best activity you can take-part in during your stay in Medellín.

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Alumbrados: Lighting up the Night in Medellín

While on my way across a small stretch of the city, a man on the metro asked:

“¿Sabes Exposiciones?”

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When in Medellín: A Traditional Sunday Dinner

For a while now,  I’ve been loosely thinking about doing a weekly cuisine series.  I didn’t want it to sound cliché or like any of the million blogs out there that are already doing something similar.

Yesterday, while throwing my vegetarian ideals into an amoral abyss, I devoured a typical slab of Colombian steak and all of its accompaniments.  It was during that feast when the idea came to fruition:  When in Medellín: My Traditional Sunday Dinner.

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Pumping Iron in El Poblado

As I’ve been on the road for most of the last 11 months, I’ve found getting exercise to be a bit of a challenge.  I’m always on the move.  This makes routine somewhat impossible.  Consistent exercise requires habit.

If I were to prioritize working out,  it would happen more.

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