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Five Signs From Mumbai

I haven’t published a signs post since Signs Of India a while back.  In total, Five Signs From Mumbai will be only the fourth signs post.  My favorite remains the first one: Signs of Nicaragua.

I still love to read signs and snap shots of the ones I like, seem interesting, or have the potential to look good in a picture.

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Tour of a Panamanian Coffee Plantation

We started at the Café Ruíz Coffee Shop. Miraculously, like the coffee tour I got at La Selva Negra almost two months ago, I was the only one to show up.

The guide, a polyglot named Carlos, told me that the day before there were 12 people on the excursion. I didn’t consider myself lucky, but I did deem myself to be on the proper side of a lopsided coincidence.

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Poetry From a Native Son

Upon arriving in El Valle a couple of nights ago, I was talking to a jovial local man who asked me what my profession is. This can be very difficult to answer on the fly. You’d think that I have it down pat since I’m asked it often.

Being completely truthful is hard enough in English, but almost impossible in Spanish. Here are some possible answers:

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Signs of Panama City

While in Panama City for a bit over a week, I managed to drift around many streets,  pointing and clicking my way at sign after sign. I thought that I’d provide you with the ones I like best, while translating the the ones that need it as best as I can.

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Signs of Nicaragua

I like to read signs, especially in new places. Signs can add character to a country, neighborhood, eatery or place.

While strolling around the different places I visit, and when traveling from dwelling to dwelling, I usually have my simple point-steady-click-focus-click camera handy, snapping pictures of graffiti, road signs, food stuff, advertising and whatever else pops out in front of me.

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