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Food Savvy Acquired After More Than a Year of Drifting

Back in December of 2010, I wrote my first post: 10 things I Want to do on My Next Trip.   I published this list before beginning my drifting experiment.

I recently got the first comment on that first post, 164 entries later. It comes from the stream of consciousness travel writer and photo blogger Pinky Binks:

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How India Has Grown on Me

I didn’t understand why the majority of travelers I’d met in India were there for the second, third, fourth or even fifth time. I was wondering what caused their minds to sensationalize the art of drifting around the sprawling subcontinent. It’s that good that you decided to come back again . . .  and again. What’s so fantastic about India? I’m practically living in a sauna.

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Five Signs From Mumbai

I haven’t published a signs post since Signs Of India a while back.  In total, Five Signs From Mumbai will be only the fourth signs post.  My favorite remains the first one: Signs of Nicaragua.

I still love to read signs and snap shots of the ones I like, seem interesting, or have the potential to look good in a picture.

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Doing a Good Deed in Delhi

While traveling, and it should apply to not traveling too, I try to do something helpful on a daily basis.  It doesn’t matter how meager or grand it is.  It’s just nice to make a contribution to the human race.  By doing something, anything, it keeps the consistency and mindfulness going.

I sometimes think: If everyone tried to focus on doing one daily altruistic deed, the world would be even better than it already is.

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Jaipur’s Amber Fort: A Photo Essay

On my way back to Delhi, I spent a day and two nights in Jaipur.  During this ultra-short visit, I managed to squeeze in a plethora of photo exploration.

After drifting over to the stunning Amber Fort just before sundown,  I managed to snap a few shots just in the nick of time.

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Bundi’s Main Attraction

I really liked the ancient municipality of Bundi.  One reason for this was the wonderful interactions I had with a few of the people there.  The other was for its main attraction, the Garh Palace and Taragarh Fort.

I started with the Garh Palace.  Because I arrived early, just after they opened at 8am, there were hardly any people.  At the palace, I only came across one maintenance worker and two other tourists.  This gave me lots of free space to gaze in awe and take photos.

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People of Bundi: A Photo Essay

I recently found myself in the lovely little Rajasthani city of Bundi, which sits between Udaipur and Rajasthan’s capital of Jaipur.

Bundi was on my way to Delhi, where I needed to get to in order to fly out of India, as my six-month visa was just about to expire.  Every guesthouse worker who inspected my passport and visa during check-in over my final two weeks, reminded me of this legality.

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Dental Tourism on a Delhi to-do List

Upon arriving in India’s mega capital this afternoon, I was on a mission to cross out items from my Delhi to-do list.

I’d scribbled the list down while on a shabby but efficient local bus from Jaipur this morning.

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Cachori: Indian Breakfast Bliss

After walking through the area where guesthouses and their rooftop restaurants seem to occupy every other building, I took a left at the temple. 

Suddenly I’d removed myself from touristy looking surroundings.  In less than a minute there was nobody throwing out the endless:

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A Visit to the Village of Vardha

Waking up at the crack of dawn has recently afforded some great early morning drifting time.  Sunrise is the best time for feeling optimistic.  The temps are nice and there are considerably less people around.

The sun was coming up yesterday morning as I crossed the pedestrian bridge of Lake Pachola.  At the other side of the water crossing a disgruntled cow was trying to shake hay off of one of her hooves.

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