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Blowin’ Through Costa Rica Like the Wind

During my recent three-country Central American drift, I passed through Costa Rica rather quickly.

Due to the overabundance of tourism causing many locals to seem completely desensitized by the sight of foreigners, and prices seeming really high after coming from Nicaragua, I decided to limit my time in Costa Rica.

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How to get Veggies into your Diet in Central America

Getting veggies into your diet in Central America can be an elusive endeavor. But, like anything, with proper focus and motivation, it’s doable.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, we should get nine servings of veggies daily.   That’s a lofty goal for anyone at home or abroad.  Most of us, including myself, don’t often reach it.   I’d like to try to change that.

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A Few Days in Costa Rica’s Fruit-Friendly Capital

I’d heard a lot of pessimism about San José:

It’s just an overpriced big city. There’s no reason to go.”

The main reason I drifted to this city was to make some ground through Costa Rica, as San José’s centrally located as the country’s hub.

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Where I Stayed in San José

The dorm room bed in the gigantic labyrinth-like hostel set me back $13. That works for more than two nights if you’re getting hammered every evening and you just need to pass out.  It’s also fine if you’re a heavy sleeper.  Otherwise, you may have to listen to drunks, transients and all walks of life coming in and out while you’re trying to get that elusive shut-eye.

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On a Mission in San José

I somehow lost my laptop’s mouse. I must not have put it in my bag. Thinking back, the lights were dim, in this, another place that advertises booze to its guests.  Alcohol pushing increases profits.  Let’s milk the tourists as much as possible. It’s simply supply and demand. People want to imbibe.

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Tamarindo: Then and Now

About eight and a half years ago I had the privilege of taking a 15-day vacation to Costa Rica. Four of the fifteen days were spent in Tamarindo.

Just yesterday, I crossed the border from Nicaragua into Costa Rica. Since Tamarindo is just a few hours from the frontier, I thought I’d pop in for a compare and contrast session: Tamarindo then, and now.

Back in ’02 I remember one little dirt strip that ran parallel to the beach, and some undeveloped hills nestled behind. There were very few accommodations in those hills, including a cozy, very affordable place where I stayed.

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