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Food Savvy Acquired After More Than a Year of Drifting

Back in December of 2010, I wrote my first post: 10 things I Want to do on My Next Trip.   I published this list before beginning my drifting experiment.

I recently got the first comment on that first post, 164 entries later. It comes from the stream of consciousness travel writer and photo blogger Pinky Binks:

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Captured for the Camera in Cambodia: A Photo Essay of People

I’m still in Lima, starting my fifth month in South America.  I haven’t been to Cambodia in over seven months.

Something I ate on a Thai island just days before crossing the border caused an intestinal illness, limiting my enthusiasm, and causing me to cut my Cambodia experience short.

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Health is Wealth

End of Inca Trail 1999 – Photo by Lisandro

I’ve had traveler’s diarrhea on at least a handful of occasions that I can remember in the last 16-and-a-half years.   Yes, I’ve been traveling on and off for at least that long.

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How Stashing Cash Backfired

Dollars and Cambodian Riel.

It’s common for travelers to stash potential emergency cash in extra places.  People sew secret pockets on the inside of their pants, shorts, shirts, and in their backpacks.

If you get creative, there are endless places where you can diversify access to money by hiding a bill or two in a secret location.  If the rare instance occurs that you lose or have your wallet or money belt stolen, and you have no access to cash, at least you’ll have something so you can eat, sleep and get to where you need to go.

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A Floating City

Upon sitting in a tuk tuk in Cambodia’s third largest city of about 177,000, I felt as if we were driving into a river.  My driver turned around and said:

Just some water, lot of rain every day.”

He was smiling and managed to drudge through enough water to get me to one of a plethora of hotels offered in Siem Reap.

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A Horrific History

I find myself in Indochina, in Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh.

In addition to drifting  streets that are designed for motorbikes and not walking, I decided to check out some sites.

After meandering for a couple of kilometers, I made my way to the Olympic Stadium for a pleasant stroll and alternative view. Then I realized that I’d need to conserve some energy.  I departed the stadium and hopped onto the backseat of a moto or motorcycle with driver who acts as a chauffeur.

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