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Hiking in an Andean Paradise

While on one of the three microbuses I took to get to the cute little town of Salento from Manizales, I thought about engaging in some hiking.  I’d heard that it was a major attraction there.  I pondered: I’m in the Andes, there has to be endless trails that are incredibly worthy of hiking.  I’d really like to get in touch with more nature, with my diverse earth.

What I didn’t know is that I’d end up going on four unique hikes in just over a week’s time.

After arriving in Salento and being brought to my hostel, I decided to take a stroll into the tranquil and idyllic Salento night.

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Getting Ready for Another Drifting Endeavor

Up until just a few days ago, I didn’t know where I’d be drifting to next.  As I’ve been virtually location stagnant in central Florida for the last month, I needed to make a decision.  I thought: Just where on earth am I going to go?

I flirted with the idea of visiting the Iberian Peninsula because it boasts a mild climate, allows the ability to improve on language skills, and has some of the best gastro delights on the planet.  Another perk is that Northwest Africa is practically a stone’s throw away over the strait of Gibraltar.

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How India Has Grown on Me

I didn’t understand why the majority of travelers I’d met in India were there for the second, third, fourth or even fifth time. I was wondering what caused their minds to sensationalize the art of drifting around the sprawling subcontinent. It’s that good that you decided to come back again . . .  and again. What’s so fantastic about India? I’m practically living in a sauna.

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A Floating City

Upon sitting in a tuk tuk in Cambodia’s third largest city of about 177,000, I felt as if we were driving into a river.  My driver turned around and said:

Just some water, lot of rain every day.”

He was smiling and managed to drudge through enough water to get me to one of a plethora of hotels offered in Siem Reap.

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Public Transport in North India: Part Two

The main reason I drifted from Rishikesh to Chandigarth is because I’d read somewhere that there’s an amazing train ride that ascends up into the Himalayan foothills from a place called Kalka.  Kalka is just a half hour by bus from Chandigarth.

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Public Transport in North India: Part One

The three children standing in the back asked me to take this photo. Click on the picture to zoom in.

Upon leaving the hot but holy and laid-back city of Rishikesh, I took a local, one-hour bus ride along the Ganges to Haridwar

At the Rishikesh bus station there was one other foreigner,  a German who had been to India on numerous occasions.  He, like me, had a train ticket from Haridwar to Chandigarth.

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Three Delhi Scams That I Fell Victim to

If you arrive in Delhi, or probably any huge city in India, and you stay in a touristy/backpacker’s location, you’ll be a target for certain scams.  I recommend you set aside $50 or so as psychological write off money just in case.   This way the potential trauma will be abated.

Don’t worry.  The cons are not intended to harm you.   They’re only to steal your money.

That said, following are three scams that I fell victim to in Delhi.

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Drifting Through the Streets of Delhi

While walking around in the blazing hazy sun, I  lost track of time.  One moment blurred into the next. Subcontinental multiculture abounds.  This capital megacity seems to attract people of different ethnicities and language groups.

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Welcome to Delhi

Despite needing to hustle to catch my connecting flight at Heathrow, all went very smoothly on my three-flight hop across the earth. I hardly interacted with anyone as I miraculously managed to get three seats to myself on all three flights.

I do remember one  experience with turbulence. While  in the galley pouring a cup of water from a two-liter bottle, the plane started jumping. This caused me to miss the pour completely. The friendly flight attendant and I laughed simultaneously.

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Thinking About Another Drifting Endeavor

Never have I put myself in the position to take one trip after another. Utter frugality  over a long haul is allowing me to tentatively plan another drifting endeavor.

Perceived priorities, sacrifices and minimization are a part of the logistics involved. I’ve referred back to 9 Drifting Dreams  in order to  aid in spurring ideas. I shall also continue to consult my big model earth or globe that’s sitting right in front of me.

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