How I Scored a Dirt-Cheap International Air Ticket

Upon feeling better after a stomach illness, I decided to acquire a ticket for my next destination.

My first inquiry was with AirAsia.  Since my date criteria was set for just three days in advance, this popular airline showed that all flights were full.

Two and a half months ago, I paid 6300 Rupees or $128.49 on an AirAsia flight from Kolkata to Bangkok; so, they were naturally the first option that came to mind.  In addition to the fare, I paid a  baggage check-in fee of 550 Rupees or $11.22 for a maximum of 15 kilograms or 33 pounds.  The flight time was 2.5 hours.

As I’ve had great fortune with Expedia this year, they were my next choice.  The deal I found there was OK.

As Kayak is also well known for coming up with great deals, they would be my next search choice.  They provided me the exact same cheapest flight as Expedia did, $225 for a direct flight from Bangkok to Mumbai on Air India.  This flight would arrive in the Indian megalopolis at 11:15pm.  I thought: What an awful time to arrive in a brand-new megacity.  Oh well, I’ll probably have to suck it up and buy it.  But, I didn’t throw in the towel so quickly.

The next flight search engine I drifted to was Skyscanner where I wasn’t expecting to do any better; however, I knew that I needed to give them a shot.

The first and cheapest flight that displayed was an IndiGo Airlines flight.  I hadn’t heard of this airline.  When the word indigo pops into mind, I instantly think of a deep and dark blue sky.  I thought: What a cool name for an airline.  I then noticed the full price of 3,990 Baht.  I did a quick conversion and came up with $128.30 and thought: For a 4.5 hour international flight,  what a stellar deal.  I dug further to find that this price includes a check-in baggage allowance of up to 20 kilograms or 44 pounds, and a carry-on bag of eight kilograms or 17.6 pounds.   These specs are more than sufficient for me.

The flights that I’d found via Expedia and Kayak both arrived late at night and were almost double the price.  The flight that I’ve purchased on IndiGo Airlines leaves Bangkok at 1:45 pm and is slated to arrive in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, at 4:50 pm this Monday, October 10.

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

This will be my second journey to India on this trip.

I have about five weeks left on my multiple-entry Indian visa.

I hope to visit the southwestern coast of the super-exotic subcontinent.

All I know is that once I clear customs, I’ll need to find a taxi to the tourist area of Colaba where it should be easy to get a place to bed down. 

Does anyone have any advice, ideas or thoughts about Mumbai/South India?  Feel free to leave a comment or send an email to  Don’t be shy.  I love feedback. 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m on a 12-hour train ride from Bombay to Goa right now, with a slow data card conncection for the moment, pretty sweet.


  2. Posted by Darren on October 11, 2011 at 21:26

    Looking forward to hear a little about Goa…


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