Random People of Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

Of the 339 photos that I sifted through a few days ago, I didn’t make use of the best ones exclusively for the previous post.  I also used pics from that collection in the wats, massage, and fish spa postings.

I hate to be the ugly tourist who forces people to be in pictures.  Not everyone likes to have their photo taken.  That doesn’t seem to hold true in India, where people ask you out of the blue to take pics of them and you.  But this wasn’t India anymore.

In Thailand, when snapping photos of people, I usually try to have a reason to talk to them, like buying something or making an inquiry.  Then I kindly motion with the camera while asking if it’s OK.  More often than not it’s fine, and many seem to like it.  Still, there are those who aren’t comfortable having their photo taken.  When people express this in words or a gesture, I just smile and put the camera away.

Part of my Chiang Mai photo assortment contains the following six people shots that were taken randomly during my three-week stay in Chiang Mai.


Young monks collectively praying in a wat

Monks working on temple grounds

After placing a meager donation in a wat donation box, this devoted and serious-looking monk blessed me using many fast, Thai words.

Holiday Inn workers politely posing

Ice cream server inside the Night Bazaar

Mobile ice cream vendor: I often came across these moving vendors and took advantage of the convenience.


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