Thailand: Massage Capital of the Earth

This outdoor business charges 60 Baht or $2.01 for half-an hour and 120 Baht or $4.02 per hour.

While drifting through the streets of Chiang Mai, I thought: Thailand’s second biggest city feels like a village compared to the capital megacity of Bangkok.

For a relatively small municipality, the ubiquity of massage treatment  venues is astonishing.  There must be hundreds or even thousands of these therapeutic salons.  Overwhelmed by the options, I pondered: Thailand must be the massage capital of the world.

While abroad, I try to take advantage of the unique things offered in a particular land.  Of course you can get a massage in most countries; but, with the abundance of these service stores in Thailand, and a super-low cost compared to Europe, the U.S., and north-east Asia, engaging in this therapeutic tourism is a no-brainer if you happen to find yourself in this relaxed country of warm smiles.

This parlor in Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar charges 80 Baht or $2.68 for half an hour and 150 Baht or $5.02 for an hour.

Many types of massages and salons are offered.  You can visit high-end spas, makeshift parlors in the street, and everything in between.  The costs vary greatly, but the quality comes down to the individual therapist.

While in Chiang Mai, I opted for reflexology or foot massages, shoulder and neck treatment, and face and head therapy.

I find the activity to be incredibly tranquil.  At times I became so relaxed that I’d find myself peacefully dozing off.  This physical and mental remedy is especially soothing after hours of strolling in the hot afternoon sun.

This 40-minute facial massage and treatment cost 300 Baht or $10.04.

Some benefits of massage therapy include:

● Stress reduction

● Arthritic joint relief

● Sore muscle comfort

● Blood circulation enhancement

● Blood pressure reduction

● Skin nourishment

● Posture enrichment

● Immune system boost


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