North India: A Photo Essay

As I’ve recently spent a plethora of time going through ridiculous amounts of India photos in my comfy guesthouse room in northern Thailand, I’ve been on a photo posting tangent.  I recently put up my favorite snapshots of photogenic people.  I also provided you with pictures of interesting signs that I came across during six weeks on the sultry subcontinent.

I’d also like to show you some of my favorite general photos that I managed to snap.  Some have people in them as they’re abundant in India.  Privacy in this unique geographic space isn’t an easy thing to find.

This will be my last post about India at least for now.

Feel free to click on these large thumbnails to get a bigger, more enhanced view.


Statue of Hindu God Shiva the Destroyer on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh.

This dazzling architecture is from the Himalayan foothills of Shimla.

View from the steps of the Jama Masjid (mosque) in Delhi.

From the street outside of the Jama Masjid (mosque) in Delhi.

This vintage and dilapidated entrance is in Delhi’s Pahar Ganj district.

Old Delhi back street market: There seems to be no shortage of fresh greens in this vegetarian’s paradise.

Ruins on the grounds of Qutb Minar in Delhi. I would have loved climbing this circular stone structure when I was that kid’s age. Actually I’d enjoy it now too.

The view from outside my guesthouse window in McLeod Ganj. Different types of Monkeys seem to run wild all over India.

A dwelling in Kolkata’s Kalighat neigborhood.

Rishikesh: I hiked a few kilometers in the wilderness to get to this temple that I saw rising in the distance. After being blessed by a holy man at the bottom, he instructed me to take the stairs up. In the background you see the world famous Ganges river.

If you’re near Punjab state, it’s worth a trip to Amritsar just to see the Golden Temple. There are very few tourists. This is the most sacred place of the Sikh religion. Its immaculate grounds are open 24/7. This famous pilgrimage is a pleasure for the senses.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Great shots. Did you eat at the temple? Its an amazing thing!


    • PINKY: Unfortunately I didn’t find the food place at that temple. Two others also told me the same thing as you, that it was amazing. I need to chalk it up as a lesson learned, that I need to be more diligent in finding the best a place has to offer, still thought, just drifting around the Golden Temple and observing the people is quite the unique experience, not that it should be compared to the Taj Majal, but it I found the temple experience to be more enlightening.


  2. The view out of your guest house window looks a bit unfinished? Looks like they just stopped building years ago. Is that part of the building you were in? Looks Armageddon like. But I guess a lot of their buildings over there look that way, incomplete…


    • DAVID: Armageddon like: Now that’s funny! Thanks for making me laugh. Actually I guess that I got so used to stuff like that that I barely noticed it or even gave it a thought. Even though India is on the up economically and there are so many well-to-do people, the poverty that exists is just mind boggling/constantly in your face.

      That guesthouse had a ton of rooms so my guess is that they’re/were planning to renovate/add on. I stayed in that particular guesthouse for one night and was so focused on all the scavenging monkeys hanging out that I don’t have a definitive answer for you. As for the U.S., I wonder if stuff like that exists in Detroit and other super-impoverished places.


  3. Just checking, I thought not. LOL


  4. Did you wait in that long line to get into the Golden Temple?


    • DAVID: No way are you kidding me. The heat was oppressive. I just walked around the Golden Temple grounds and took in the architecture, the music, the cleanliness and all the colorfully-clothed people. If I’d waited in that stagnant line to make it to the temple itself I’d a been there forever while pressed up against wet people sweating under a sultry sun.


  5. Posted by Darren on August 8, 2011 at 13:18

    Amazing photos, indeed a rich experience on the senses. Impressive!


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