Signs of India

Whenever I see a sign that I find appealing,  I snap a shot of it.  After looking at it on my machine, I either delete or tweak.  If the photo makes it to the tweaking process, it may or may not make it into a post.  Here are a few that I’ve deemed worthy enough for you to check out.

Don’t forget to click on the images for a more stimulating view.

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Wonderful to not smell smoke in Shimla, until you walk into the descending narrow shopkeeper paths.

Shimla: Quote from Indira Gandi, the prime minister of India for two different terms and a total of 15 years until her assasination in 1984. She remains the longest serving femaie prime minister on earth.

From the Shimla outdoor mall. I fell in love with this one the instant I laid eyes on it.

Beautiful words from the Dali Lama.  Photo taken in the holy city of Rishikesh.

Photo taken in the Tibetan refugee town of McLeod Ganj.

From McLeod Ganj, the home of the Dali Lama.

If you’re ever in Kolkata between the 21st and the 29th and you need help with any of these ailments, feel free to give this  a shot and let me know the outcome. Is it propaganda or the real deal?

Delhi: Apparently junk food is good for your heart. Or maybe it’s healthy to eat on occastion if somone’s heart is put into the preparation.  Indian people are said to have the biggest hearts on earth.

One Rupee water glasses are ubiquitous to the streets of Delhi. I wholeheartedly agree that water is a quick healer. Drinking this elixir also acts as a great prophylactic. Stay healthy! Drink lots of H2O.

If you make it to Chandigarth, I recommend a trip to the Fantasy Rock Garden. Unlike the Taj Majal, they don’t charge foreigners more than Indians. At less than $.50 admission, the price is dirt cheap for everyone. Ironically, when I visited, I was the only foreign tourist there.

Fixed prices in India are wonderful. It means that you get to conserve your energy. What you see is what you get. Perhaps haggling can be perceived as a lot of babbling up and down about price. India will turn you into a pro haggler, but not at this Chandigarth market. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. VINNY: Thanks! Dalai Lama quotes are enlightening for sure. My favorite is: ‘EMERGE What we think we become.” That one I’ve turned into a mantra. 🙂


  2. Posted by Vinny on August 3, 2011 at 22:36

    Nice shots. It looks like you’re having an enlightning time. Take care.


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