Spiders are our friend: Most of the time

Photo courtesy of Ruslan Antonov

While on the verge of reading myself to sleep in Boquete, I heard a constant pecking sound.  At least that’s what it sounded like.

The steady tapping caused me to think of a miniature woodpecker.  It just wouldn’t stop.

I knew there was no such thing as a tiny woodpecker. As I’d already seen huge flying cockroaches in that room, I thought:  Do I have to pulverize yet another one of these repulsive insects?  I’d seen a couple of huge ones flying chaotically around that temporary dwelling.

I got up and stood on the bed to get a better look above the curtains.  I found a small spider propped behind the curtain rod by the ceiling.  It was kicking a large cockroach over and over.  The spider had the filthy bug tangled.  I stood and watched for a while but the progress was too slow and monotonous for my perception of time to endure.

Deciding that this spider was my friend, unlike the one that had terrified me a month earlier on Ometepe, –pic above– I decided to let the natural jabbing sound above act as white noise to me aid in falling asleep.

Little spiders that eat insects are our friends.  The furry one you see in the photo above was very big.  It was about to crawl onto my foot about a month ago in Ometepe.  Luckily, a worker at the hostel I was staying at noticed it just in time to tell me to get out of my seat and out of the way.   He said it wasn’t poisonous but I’m very glad that I didn’t have to find out.

Now when I see small spiders that eat insects, I appreciate them even more than I did before.


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