Thinking About Another Drifting Endeavor

Never have I put myself in the position to take one trip after another. Utter frugality  over a long haul is allowing me to tentatively plan another drifting endeavor.

Perceived priorities, sacrifices and minimization are a part of the logistics involved. I’ve referred back to 9 Drifting Dreams  in order to  aid in spurring ideas. I shall also continue to consult my big model earth or globe that’s sitting right in front of me.

One side of me feels the need to plan while the other would like to drift aimlessly. My gut feeling is telling me that a happy medium is the best alternative.

There are so many parts of the earth that I haven’t visited. I haven’t been to vast Africa except for Tangiers, Morocco, a border town. I haven’t been to South or Central Asia, Australia or New Zealand, or most of Eastern Europe.  I’ve never given myself the privilege of  visiting the Middle East.  I’ve never been to the highest mountain range on earth, the Himalayas. People and pictures have told me that it’s as picturesque as anything on earth.

I’ll never climb Everest as the altitude doesn’t agree. I’d love to hike other trails in the Himalayas. I’ve never been to India, nor have I visited China. In between the two sits Nepal. There are plenty of blog posts on Nepal and India as these two lands are popular tourist destinations. I will consult more of these posts.

I’d love to attempt to learn Mandarin. The places to do this are certain parts of China and Taiwan. Would the crowds in China or India drive me a little bit nuts? Probably. Utopia can’t exist.

There are many other parts of this great planet that I’ve yet to visit. I’d like to choose a destination/region based on personal interest. Exploring Yoga and meditation in a Tibetan town in India could be in store.  Still, any place I haven’t been has to be interesting for the awe and wonder alone.

I will continue to consult my trusty globe, life experience and gut feeling.  Stay tuned!


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  2. KRISTIN: Thanks. I’ve never gotten a rating of five stars before. 🙂


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