15 Ways to Boost Your Health While on the Road

The ability to stick to a routine greatens when living in one’s home.  Home breeds habit. This includes sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime.

When traveling from place to place, the concept of routine can be forgotten; thus, it’s easier to let your health slip compared to when you’re in a place of permanence.

The following tips can apply to both travelers and those who aren’t transient. I just find that it’s more challenging to maintain my desired food intake and exercise regime while on the road. While drifting and having to figure out constant new logistics, and living out of a small bag, it’s harder to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Not always having a kitchen can cause us to buy whatever’s in front of us when we’re hungry.

I find it necessary to be extra aware in order to achieve a wholesome existence. I like to use the following 15 headings as mantras to keep me mindful.

Drink Plenty of Water The best thing to give your body when waking up in the morning is a glass of water. According to the Health Blog by Yin Teing,  drinking a substantial amount of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning cures head aches, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting and constipation. If you’d like to know more then maybe you want to pick up this book. Of course it’s important to drink water throughout the day. If you’re a consumer of sugar-laden soda or even that of the diet variety, I suggest that you replace this useless drinking habit with water.

Eat Multiple Types of Fruit Daily It’s beneficial to consume fruit. Depending on where you are, fruit may not be as available as you’d like. However, if you’re traveling in an affordable, tropical land, then chances are you’ve got endless options. If you’re not in a tropical or subtropical land, get what you can from the grocery store or market, including raisins and other dried fruit. It’s best to get your fruit intake during the morning hours as it digests best on an empty stomach. Fruit is loaded with necessary nutrients that aid in preventing various ailments.

Eat Multiple Types of Veggies Daily, Especially Dark Greens Vegetables boost the immune system and are loaded with nutrients. Dark greens are considered a super food that contains essential vitamins and minerals. It can be challenging to get enough veggies into the diet. If you have access to a kitchen, then I recommend markets and grocery stores. The best way to eat them is raw, so it’s fast and easy. If you find veggies to be boring, try to associate them with an optimistic well-being. Mix up your vegetables with as many colors as possible. View these colors as a rainbow and let optimal health act as your pot of gold.

Try not to Skimp on Food Healthy food often costs more than unhealthy food. If you can spend a little bit more, your body will thank you for it.

Wear Flip Flops When You Shower If you’re a budget traveler who showers in communal hostel bathrooms almost daily, this is a no-brainer. Wearing flip-flops can prevent athlete’s foot and the transmission of other shower floor bacteria.  Nasty.

Brush and Floss Daily Brushing and flossing daily is necessary for preventing tooth decay and overall good oral health. Taking care of your teeth also feels great and keeps your breath smelling fresh. Neglecting one’s teeth can lead to gum disease which has been linked to heart attacks and strokes. Notonly is brushing and flossing good for your mouth, this consistent action also aids in maintaining overall well-being.

Don’t Drink Coffee at Night Sometimes it’s easy to drink a cup of coffee after dinner. A couple of weeks ago I experienced a bit of insomnia for three straight nights. It was from drinking a cup of joe or two in the evenings after dinner. Coffee consumption helps in the short term while working on the computer, but the drawback is the tossing and turning at night, leading to a groggy feeling that transpires into the following day. Grogginess cuts down on productivity. On the other hand, there are people that can drink coffee at night and sleep just fine. If you’re one of those anomalies then you can ignore this drifter’s health tip.

Drink Coffee in the Morning Coffee has many health benefits. My favorite is that it speeds up the thinking process.

Stretch/Do Yoga Stretching/Yoga has more health benefits than you can imagine. My favorite is what it does for my mood. I always feel emotionally enhanced after stretching.doing Yoga. Here is an extensive list of Yoga benefits.

Try to Get Enough Exercise It’s real easy to make excuses for not exercising. Even if these rationalizations are legit, don’t make them. They won’t help you.

● Power walk instead of taking a taxi or a bus

● Find places to stay where there’s a swimming pool. Even if the pool is small, underwater laps provide solid cardio training.

● Rent a bicycle not a motorcycle. Bicycles cost a fraction of what motorbikes or scooters do and are much more eco-friendly. Peddling is healthy.

● Take advantage of hiking opportunities that arise.

● Bring your sneakers and engage in jogging where conducive.

Don’t Spend all of your Time in Cities Mix things up, take advantage of spectacular natural surroundings that boast clean air to breathe. Your lungs will be grateful.

Early to Bed Early to Rise We’re creatures of routine. A sleep routine provides for more consistent rest. Getting up at the crack of dawn can be enlightening and it gives you more time to see and experience things. If you’re in the tropics it’s best to do your outdoor activities in the morning. Being out in the scorching afternoon will make you wish you were taking a siesta.

Take Advantage of any Spa-like Activities That Exist Where You Are Hot Springs often exist in volcanic areas. If you’re in a country like Laos or Finland, take advantage of the sauna culture. In Finland, most hotels come equipped with saunas. In Laos, most towns have saunas for residents and travelers to use. If you’re in Thailand, take advantage of the inexpensive massage and reflexology culture. Massage is physically and mentally healing, stress-reducing, incredibly relaxing and enhances circulation. If you don’t know what kind of soothing activities are offered where you are, look it up online or ask a local.

Get Enough Music into Your Mental Diet Music can combat depression, anxiety, and stress. My favorite effect is that music enhances my mood and is relaxing. In today’s electronic age, toting music around is easier than ever.

Don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent Melanoma is on the rise even though no one seems to talk about it.  Shell out the cash even if you find sunscreen to be expensive, a high SPF is advisable.  The same goes for insect repellent, you won’t avoid mosquitoes completely, but at least have this repellent handy for when they start to bite. If you know that you’re in a Malarial or Dengue zone, apply the repellent before the mosquitoes come out, especially if the weather is wet and during dusk and dawn.

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If you have any health tips that you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes the list helps remind me to act on these healthful habits.

    Optimism is definitely HUGE as negative thinking is purely useless. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a post entitled The Power of Positive Thinking.


  2. Posted by Mamma on April 14, 2011 at 11:51

    That is a wonderful list to live by!


  3. I believe a key ingredient for a healthy mind and body is trying to be optimistic 24/7.
    The mug is ALWAYS half FULL.


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