Ascent to El Valle

After the bus pulled off the Panamericana and started its ascent, the mass array of ugly billboards was instantly left behind.

The nicely paved road instantly broke into two lanes.

The nature became lusher and more colorful. The smiling people that I saw out the window looked indigenous, not European and African like in Panama City.

My ears started popping.

Colombian Merengue poured from the bus’ four speakers.

In no time I saw cloud forests over rolling hills in the distance. The road weaved mostly upward. Hills turned to jagged ridges.

The sparsely-populated, eight-row, comfy mini-bus puttered. I cleared my ears subconsciously.

The temperature became pleasantly breezy, reminding me of a late spring or early autumn day. A mix of clouds, sun and blue sky brought on rain.

Just like that I was out of the oppressive heat and into a lush, cool, tropical wonderland.

This would prove to be refreshing after being in big cities for the last two weeks.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice, looking forward to more posts about this area.


  2. SOMERVILLE: This is an easily accessible place to get to. Put it on your list! 🙂 It’s a haven for nature enthusiasts.

    DAVID: Yes! It’s a beautiful place.

    Both of you would love the hiking trails here -more to come in a post-


  3. Please tell us more about El Valle. Or is that coming in a future post? It looks a bit more exciting than where I went hiking yesterday, the Fells, wish I was there. 🙂


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