Signs of Panama City

While in Panama City for a bit over a week, I managed to drift around many streets,  pointing and clicking my way at sign after sign. I thought that I’d provide you with the ones I like best, while translating the the ones that need it as best as I can.


Translation: Be Careful We’re Watching You: I’ve seen these signs all over the place, rather Orwellian I must say.

Vintage Space: This photo was taken in Casco Viejo on 9th Street a West.

Translation: Let the sweat drip and take the glory.  Usein Bolt the fastest man on the planet.

There’s not much of a translation needed here. Balboa is a section or zone which lies in the heart of the city. I didn’t go into Los Pepes as I wasn’t in the mood at the time. I’m sure it would have been fun as the Panamanian people I’ve met have been nothing but nice.

Translation: Don’t let your weight decrease your lifespan. Combat obesity.

Apparently prostitution is legal in Panama City. Don’t quote me on that though.

Translation: I like Vegetarian food. The restaurant itself wasn’t open. It reminded me of a Manu Chau song so I just had to snap the shot.

Translation: Keep the areas Clean: No real need for words here as the graphic sums it up.

Tranlation: Welcome to the 100% Freshly Squeezed Juice Kiosk. Consume Panamanian Products.

Translation: Free National Internet: Apparently there’s free internet in the parks. What a wonderfully progressive aspect of Panamanian culture. HUGE thumbs up to the Panamanian Government!

This piece of attractive graffiti comes from the fringes of Casco Viejo.

No translation needed here. YES: this photo was taken in Panama City as I’ve never been to Cuba.

Tranlation: Crazy prices

My post about Ceviche will tell you what it is. Here are your Seafood/Fish translations, this is very important on any Latin American or Spanish coastal region. Langostino: Lobster Camaron: Shrimp Corvina: A fish typically used in Ceviche Pulpo: Octopus Concha Negra: Clams Conchuela: a type of shellfish Calamar: Calamari or Squid Combinacion: Combination (my favorite).

A Batido is a fruit shake or smoothie in Panama. Make sure you say “Sin Azucar” -no sugar- upon ordering and it doesn’t hurt to say it twice because they think it’s odd. There’s enough sugar in the fruit as it is. As for the translations, here goes: Avena: oats Guineo: Banana Piña: Pineapple Melocoton: Peach Corn Flakes What? Your guess is as good as mine. Cerevita: Corn Wheat -nasty to my taste buds- Borojo: it’s Borojo in English, a high protein fruit that comes from the Borojo tree. Nesquick -laughs- Maracuya: Passion Fruit Sandia: Watermelon

Panama City happens to have a very small Chinatown. There are Chinese Panamanian restaurants scattered throughout the city as they have a good sized Chinese population.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I came mainly for the pool. For $8.80 a night with kitchen, free coffee and wifi, a comfortable atmosphere and genuine and friendly owners it’s a great place. The room I’m in is big, airy and comfy too. I’ll vouch for Mike, it’s as pleasant as any place I stayed at in Panama.


  2. If you get tired of Panama city come to David City Panama, stay at my hostel the best hostel in all of Panama.


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