Signs of Nicaragua

I like to read signs, especially in new places. Signs can add character to a country, neighborhood, eatery or place.

While strolling around the different places I visit, and when traveling from dwelling to dwelling, I usually have my simple point-steady-click-focus-click camera handy, snapping pictures of graffiti, road signs, food stuff, advertising and whatever else pops out in front of me.

Don’t forget to click on the photos for enhanced visual stimulation.


I didn’t go inside this Matagalpan coffee shop; however, I consumed a fair amount of the savory Joe which is native to the Matagalpa region.

This sign is from the hostel I stayed at in Granada. It’s great if you want to boost your Spanish vocabulary.

I’m not exactly sure what this politically charged photo means. The artwork is sensationalized nicely.

Translation: More Christianity, more socialism, more solidarity, and more athleticism/sports for Nicaragua with the Sandinista Goverment of Daniel. You probably figured that out, except for the sports part. After five weeks in Nicaragua, Daniel is as permanently ingrained in me as any of the world’s household names.

This is the only sign I saw of its kind, where Ortega added Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez as his partner in politics. Translation: Long live Daniel and Chavez. Reelect Daniel already.

It’s not often you come across negative Daniel publicity in Nicaragua. This is rare. I don’t think this one is gonna pull a lot of weight as it doesn’t show intelligence and is spray painted on rather messily.

The above graffiti was found in San Juan del Sur. I have no idea what it’s about but thought that it was kind of funny. I refuse to translate as it’s a tad vulgar and just plain ludicrous.

More graffiti from San Juan, this is the most developed/artistic graffiti I’ve seen in Nicaragua. It looks like it’s from New York City.

I included this one due to its uniqueness. Translation of Gaspar Garcia Laviana’s quote: “I have to give my life for this town, like Christ did.”

Translation one: Where the little ones visit well. Translation two: It’s not a lie. (I thought: That’s clever).

Like most cities of the earth, Nicaraguan municipalities have distinct neighborhoods that have their own churches and signs like this one. Translation: Welcome to the neighborhood of San Jeronimo. Municipality of Masaya.

This sign comes from Moyagalpa on Ometepe. Translastion: Third World Bookstore.

Like everywhere, Nicaragua is a nation of cell phone junkies. I saw cops not paying attention to anything but their texting. But more shocking is the clerk I witnessed in a grocery store ignoring a long line until she finished her text. Translation One: All of Nicaragua is clear territory.Translation Two: Life in your hands (Have you ever seen two people so happy sharing a cell phone? )

This photo was taken during my last hour in Nicaragua while waiting for a bus on the Pan American Highway. I was going the opposite way. Farewell Nicaragua!


3 responses to this post.

  1. NOEL & PRU: Thanks!


  2. Posted by Pru on March 6, 2011 at 12:24

    Awesome post!


  3. Posted by Noel on March 6, 2011 at 08:49

    I loved this post. The language and pictures are colorful. Being able to click on the pics is great. Even from my cell phone, I can read and see every pic you posted. Looks like a real adventure!


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