Biking Along a Stretch of Ometepe

Although parts of the roads are paved, many stretches possess a whole slew of varied dirt and rocky terrain.

It’s possible to rent a horse, moped, motorbike, personal driver, or bicycle. I opted for the latter.

It’s also possible to hitchhike and take old school buses that slowly drag uphill by the constant revving of rebuilt, vintage engines. I’ve taken a couple of these busses since arriving on the island.

On a bicycle, it’s often easy to coast downhill, that is; when the terrain isn’t too tough. Letting the bike go without breaking before random ditches or boulders could cause serious injury. I couldn’t imagine biking on Ometepe during rainy season but I’m sure that the locals aren’t fazed by it.  

There are often people walking on some stretches, near villages or small towns. You have to slow down for cows, horses, and pigs that see to roam on the road independently. These animals seem to coexist nicely with people.

There’s a road that goes around the island, or virtually two islands separated by an isthmus with a crossroads.

There are  endless places to stop and eat and or spend the night. I felt that it was a great experience to bike for many kilometers up, down, and around while pausing endlessly for animals and people.

Even in excruciating heat, seeing at least a chunk of the island on a bicycle is doable.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Two mountains: Ometepe looks like an awesome island. I just googled it and had a geography lesson. I didn’t know Nicaragua had such a large lake. Very nice!


  2. Posted by Pru on February 17, 2011 at 21:02

    What a great day! At least you get a nice breeze with biking. What’s the temp down there?


    • While biking downhill there’s a breeze yeah. Evenings and mornings are tropically wonderful. Afternoons are ridiculously hot, I’d say it’s at least 95 degrees in the sun. My idea now is to rent another bicycle and spend a few days touring the entire island or two islands it depends on how you look at it. My body is craving fitness and I’ll have the freedom to stop wherever I want. There seems to be enough little eating holes (often locals turning their homes into makeshift restaurants) and places to stay along the entire island.


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