Drifting around Granada: A Photo Essay

Like León, Granada provides a virtual utopia for photographers, even amateur ones like myself.  Here are the Granada photos that I liked the best:

Feel free to click on these large thumbnails to provide yourself with an enhanced visual introspection.


Like many people here, this woman exclaimed: “Dame un pesito por favor.” (Please give me some small change) The first couple of days here I provided people with handouts but then thought: ‘If I keep this behavior up out of pity, I’ll run out of money and end up just like them.

Parts of this city are picturesque. This shot is taken from the end of the main tourist thoroughfare.

This woman sold me an über-fresh donut that she baked herself.

This one was taken from the top of a church where I developed a mild case of vertigo.

This pic was also taken from the top of the church where I’m sure some people get vertigo daily. In the background you can see Lake Nicaragua.

Being able to buy a copious bag of mixed fresh fruit every morning is one thing that I absolutely love about this tropical land.

Granada could be the modern day horse and carriage capital of the world. At least for me personally, I’ve never been to a place where you can see so many of these archaic modes of tranport.

This is one of the poshest carriages I saw in Granada. I recently went to a carriage museum in Florida with my my mom. This carriage reminds me of one that I saw at that museum.

Here you can see that there is an abundance of carriage tourism that exists in Granada. This activity helps the local economy while enabling tourists to feel as if their stepping back in time.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris Wray on February 16, 2011 at 21:34

    Hi there, from looking at the photos I get the impression you are using a “point and click” camera? Lots of them are very out of focus. It looks like you’ve just pressed the button, as if you haven’t given the lens a chance to adjust itself before you have taken the snap? I understand that a degree of focus shift gives the impression of movement but I think clarity is all important. Sometimes it’s worth getting to know the camera a bit. Good try though.


    • CHRIS: Thanks for your constructive criticism! You hit it all on the head. Yes! I need to plug away at getting to know the camera much better, daily, poco a poco. Maybe I’ll run into you again on this trip. Travel well!


      • Posted by chris on February 22, 2011 at 12:50

        I love you man! See you in Colombia maybe!


        • CHRIS: I’m sure that you’re soaking up the amazing culture that Colombia offers. As for my drifting, decisions are still made on the fly. I don’t know about Colombia as I’m focusing on the NOW: there are still two countries and some serious Caribbean Sea separating me from that great land. ENJOY!


  2. Keep the beautiful pictures coming. They help us readers drift along with you.


  3. You have a good eye. Your pictures are centered and show the subject well. Some people take pics for years and still never get it. You got it. Love the wagons.


  4. NOEL: One thousand thanks!


  5. Posted by Noel on February 13, 2011 at 15:23

    These pictures are great! A picture tells a thousand words. Keep them coming. What an experience for you daily.


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