Working and Wandering

For a few days now, I feel that I’ve found some equilibrium.

The hostel I’m staying in, The Bearded Monkey, includes wireless Internet and provides great tables for working, along with plenty of outlets.

There are hammocks for reading and napping, which is especially nice in the afternoon when the sun’s natural sauna kicks into high gear.

When I feel like I’ve had enough time on my mini netbook, manipulating photos, reading travel blogs, brainstorming ideas and writing, I go for a stroll.  I scope out the streets, trying to be ready for any potentially great photo opportunities.

Wandering provides endless surprises. I especially enjoy walking through the local market, sampling various foods, taking in an endless array of smells, and having conversations with the people.

If the heat gets to me, or I’ve simply had enough drifting throughout the city, I return to the hostel and find an available makeshift workstation.

If the Internet’s down, which occurs often in Nicaragua, I patiently grab the novel I’m reading and hop in a vacant hammock.

Besides visiting the chocolate museum, strolling, and eating at a few local food joints, all I’ve done is hung out in the hostel.

For a few days now, I feel like I’ve grasped at least somewhat of a balance between working and wandering.


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