Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere at Sunset

Upon getting on the flashy school bus –yes, you’re looking at an old US school bus fancily painted- I specifically confirmed with the driver and the conductor that the bus was bound for Matagalpa.

After leaving León and very mildly ascending upward, I noticed that the scenery had become splendid. Mountains and volcanoes loomed in the distance. It was tough for me to make out as the bus’ windows were tinted. This made it impossible to see in from the outside, and oddly obscured the view from the inside as well.

I pushed my window down from the inside. The girl in the seat in front of me asked nicely if she could push it back up, as the sun and wind were too much for her. In order to get a view, I forced her to compromise by having the window slightly more than half way up.  I then had to prop myself up to get a view.

I alternated propping up on my knees and gazing with reading my book.

At one point I caught an amazing sky blended with blue and amorphous orange clouds. Marshlands sat underneath, while a jagged mountain chain stood up in the background.  I saw a camp of bats flying to complete the scene. There was no leverage available to get the camera out quick enough for one of the most spectacular natural settings that ever popped out in front of my eyes.

Shortly thereafter, the bus stopped.  The conductor motioned for me to get off. I was in shocked  because of him and the driver telling me earlier that the bus was going to Matagalpa.  He said that I had to get off, that we weren’t in Matagalpa, that I’d need to change buses.  It was easy for him to remember me as I was the only non Nicaraguan on that bus.

Sunset in a Mystery Town 

There was no new bus to be found. I was in a mystery town at sunset .

Fortunately, I had two things going in my favor. My Spanish is workable, and I’m not carrying a whole lot around with me. I only have a small backpack and another very small handbag.

After asking a handful of people where to get a bus to Matagalpa, I found the stop and soon enough another old US school bus stopped. It was jam-packed, but I managed to squeeze on.

An hour later, I was in the cool, misty-mountain city of Matagalpa.


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