A Couple of Virtual Must Sees in León

There are endless things to suck your time in this picturesque city. However, there are two sites that that I consider absolute must sees if you happen to be here.

Go to the rooftop of the Cathedral de León. This is the biggest cathedral in Central America and the second biggest in all of Latin America. It took 100 years to build.

Originally, the Spanish brought two blueprints over by boat. The prototype for this particular cathedral was meant for Lima, Perú, while a much smaller colonial church that now exists in Lima, was meant for León, Nicaragua. Someone slyly switched the layouts.

Even for non architectural buffs like myself, wandering around and viewing the timeless construction, along with witnessing stunning views of the city and its surroundings, provides for an unforgettable experience.

A ticket to visit the roof costs 40 Cordobas or U.S. $2.

The cathedral lies beside the Central Park.  It’s impossible to miss.

The next recommendation I have is to visit the museum entitled “Centro de Arte Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian.

This museum contains the most extensive and largest art collection in Central America. It contains work from Nicaragua, the rest of Central America, South America and Europe.

While visiting, I understood that it does indeed rival the great museums that I’ve visited in Europe.

I was told by the congenial woman working in the museum that it was funded by a very wealthy Nicaraguan family and that there is only one museum that compares in all of Latin America.  It’s located in Ecuador.

The magical vibes produced by this grand gem is simply more than words can produce.

If I had known how amazing it would be, I would have given myself a lot more time to explore in wonderment.

Give yourself a few hours to stroll in a relaxed fashion. The staff is very friendly and loves to see tourists in awe.

The museum does not allow photos to be taken. The entrance fee is 20 Cordobas or US $1.

It’s located just blocks from the central park, ask someone and they’ll point you in the right direction.


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