Needing a Fix in Scorching León

León is a unique place. It’s the cultural capital of Nicaragua and home to the biggest Cathedral and finest art museum in Central America.  The museum surprisingly rivals those of champion Europe.  This is what I’ve heard and read.  I plan to visit it soon.

León’s temps are torrid.  I’ve been told that this city happens to be the hottest  in all of Nicaragua.  Over the last couple of days, and especially today, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, literally. This is in part because this city is sultry.  Also, I’ve been sleeping in a $5, four-bed dorm, on a flimsy bed, and with neighboring noise blaring. They like their music loud down here.

Notice the flimsy mattresses

Today I ventured out into the mid-day heat, to the Mercado Central. The workers appeared exhausted.  Some were  asleep. Others were using pieces of paper as makeshift fans to try and generate even the faintest amount of breeze.

I was searching for my elixir, surely my favorite root on this earth, ginger. All I could find was a tiny bit. It felt soft and was slim, not fat like the ginger I’m used to back in my Chinatown. A man told me to go to the “Super”. I intuitively figured this to mean the supermercado.

I walked in and purchased a big huge bunch of what I’d need to make my potion. One great thing about hostels is that they usually provide kitchens for guests.

I returned to boil a huge pot of water. I then cut up the whole bunch of ginger into small pieces, dumped it into the water, let it seep for 20 minutes, and have been sipping it ever since. My head is now cleared.

Talk about a Step Up

I’ve since moved to a $12  single room which I deem to be a much better value than the dorm. My hope is to sleep incredibly well tonight, so that I can get up feeling fresh enough to redeem my drifter’s high, which has been non-existent today.


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