Infinite Logistics

Realizing that a journey is but 72 hours away, causes me to be cognizant of the fact that there are still more logistics to be finalized.

Do I need a Typhoid shot? Apparently, I don’t need Yellow Fever and I’m probably all set with at least most if not all other inoculations.  I may need to be aware of places where there are mosquitoes carry Dengue or Malaria.  I should buy insect repellent with that nasty skin-debilitating DEET.

Do I buy travel insurance or do I wing it? If the need arises, I should easily be able to pay cash at a clinic that will probably welcome me with open arms as they’ll assume that I’m loaded.  By U.S. standards I’m not wealthy by any means; but, when I empathize with the clinicians in developing lands, I see myself as a walking wad of fresh dollar bills.

What do I still need to weed out? It’s best to travel as light as possible; if I forget something, I should be able to pick it up at a reasonable price.

I ponder: Should I visit and figure out a miraculous one-bag, carry-on solution that will cram in my meager amount of belongings? I could pay the airline a check-in fee for my red backpack and hope that it arrives with belongings in tact.  An advantage to checking it in is that I’ll have a ton of space for bringing back exotic stuff to give as gifts.

Do I bring my sneakers? I’m addicted to jogging.  They take up space.  They could act as my primary shoes and jogging sneakers. But,  I don’t want to be in the habit of wearing white sneakers while drifting along streets. As comfortable and ergonomically integral as running shoes are, they could give away the fact that  I carry a U.S. passport.  I’m not really sure how U.S. people are perceived where I’m going.

Where will I get a two-pronged plug adapter?  The outlets in most lands won’t work if I don’t purchase a converter.  I must acquire a power surge for protection as electrical integrity is shoddy at best in some lands.  I hadn’t yet thought of this or researched it when I gave all of my power surges away.

Do I keep wearing my current shoes and buy a new pair during my travels?  Will they even have my size?  Should I be safe and buy them before I leave?

How will I handle arriving in a very poor city, perhaps one of the poorest in this hemisphere, at 1am? The 1am arrival time, coupled with a $33 bag check-in fee, are two caveats for scoring an amazingly cheap ticket.  I’ll need to book a hotel that will let me check in around 2am.

Do I grab a cab at the airport? Or, ideally, I’ll meet someone who wants to share the potentially negotiable $10 cab ride.  I read that they start you off at $15.  With solid haggling skills it’s possible to talk them down to $10.  However, because the guide book that I read today is pushing a year since its publication, I’ll add a couple of dollars to those figures.

Do I get out of the capital right away? I read that it’s not a walking city and that it’s possible to fall into ‘gringo traps’.  These are supposedly holes in the sidewalks, sometimes as deep as three meters (almost 10 feet).  I’ve read that avoiding these cracks is second nature for locals; however,  these holes have caused green gringos to twist their ankles, or worse.

It could be fun to scope the place out by riding taxis all day.  This could give me drifter’s high; although surely there will be culture shock, after all, I haven’t visited a developing country since Morocco back in ’04(see pic above), and that was just Tangiers, the border town, for a day.


5 responses to this post.

  1. AL: Yeah, we’re only human thus not perfect. Let’s shoot for the stars and try not to sweat the small stuff though.
    I managed to avoid taking my red backpack as I managed to get on the plane with one carry-on backpack that measured 16″ x 14″x 12″. But in hindsight, I should have shelled out the 33 bucks and taken the bigger one as it has much better support than the little one that has everything crammed into it. Oh well, can’t be perfect, can only learn…


  2. Sometimes not sweating the small stuff is easier said than done.


  3. Wow, Your mind is spinning a million miles a minute. Good luck leaving the big ol’ USA !!!


    • CHERRY: Yes: breathe the good stuff in through the nose and the bad out through the mouth. This really works.
      DAVID: Not spinning too much now due to major fatigue and as this day goes on it gets hotter and hotter. I’m gonna be even more wiped due to lack of heat acclimation. I look forward to a very unpredictable day and then an unbelievably restful night w/ a fan in a private room…


  4. Chill and breath …in …and….out … 🙂


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