Florida in January

Hernando, Florida: Ever since the time I drove the east coast, including a chunk of Florida, I never had a great feeling about this particular, flat, strip-mall laden state. I never understood why people ranted and raved about Florida.  This could be because I’ve never been here in January.

After all, Florida is the cliché destination for many New Englanders. I’d heard it over and over growing up and I’ve heard it a bit since becoming an adult.  It never made sense. Granted, there are beaches and nature and lakes and the non-winter climate this time of year is ideal.

Now, without a car, I notice that there is a great lack of public transportation, but, that’s mostly everywhere in the U.S.  In this regard, I’ve been spoiled by the urban northeast.

Good things are everywhere.  In Florida, people are polite and the climate is just right.

It’s not the place, it’s the person.  Maybe it was Buddha, or Confucius who said:

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Within the last week and a half, I have shoveled snow, walked with my red and green backpacks through a beautiful snowstorm in D.C., and literally chilled out in an uncharacteristically cold central Virginia.

This peninsula and panhandle is the only continental state that hasn’t seen snow during this harsher than normal  U.S. winter.  Unlike being in most of the rest of the U.S., here, I’m able to escape the winter’s wrath of cold wind and dry skin.  The dry itchiness of my body’s surface has now subsided.


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  1. Back when I had a car, I used to love driving around the Common during a blizzard because I was the only one on the road. It was so beautiful. The solitude was wonderful. Front wheel drive did the job.


  2. The nights are somewhat cool so it’s not swimming weather. Yeah, this winter is harsher than normal up there. I hope you still have a 4-wheel-drive truck. It’s sure coming in handy now huh. Ideally, the winter’ll take a turn for the good by miraculously getting a little bit milder in February. Ideally, the summer will be unseasonably cool. Season’s are so unpredictable in New England. If it’s any consolation for ya, harsh winters aren’t as bad as the tragic natural disasters that have recently taken place in Burma, Chile, Haiti, Pakistan and Tibet.


    • Ah yea I agree 1000%. I like the winter snows the more the better. It keeps people inside so I can enjoy the outside world alone. I love NE weather. No 4×4 anymore BUT AWD now. Yea sure I am very happy not to be subjected to a natural disaster. We are lucky here in NE the worse that happens for the most part is a blizzard.


  3. Did ya swim in that pool? Lucky you in the warmth!


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