Let the Drifting Begin

I’m sitting on a bus in southern New Jersey, en route to D.C., the nation’s capital, where I’ve never been. This is a bit ironic as the U.S. is the country where I hold my only citizenship.  D.C. will be a first for me, even if I’ve only got a meager two-hour layover before I’m scheduled to hop on another bus for Richmond, where an old college chum from the north, who has recently relocated to VA, will meet and drive me back to his family’s abode, somewhere in the middle of VA, where the wild country is probably beautiful.

The people on this bus are not exciting at all.  They remind me of passengers on an airplane.  Nobody seems to possess the urge to speak, except to the people who they call or call them.  This bus is almost filled to capacity.

I was chatting with a pair of Italian sisters while waiting in line for the bus.  They’re now sitting across the aisle from me, crashed hard.   We’ve been on the road for about six hours.  They’ve been sleeping for the majority of the ride.  They’re sometimes slightly spooned together as the space of two seats doesn’t allow for much freedom of movement.  The one closest to me is now talking in her sleep.  If I possessed envy, I’d envy them for being able to sleep so easily.

I managed to tacitly bully two seats for myself.  Only a few of us have that privilege on this bus.  But, even with two seats to myself, I can’t sleep, while the two of them are crashed out like kittens.

We’ve just crossed into the little state of Delaware.  A light dusting of snow barely covers the ground in the distance.  Since I grew up on the east coast, this highway is not doing anything for me.  There is no awe and wonder.  However, D.C. will be new in about two and a half hours if all goes as planned.  A few hours after that, I’ll be super happy to see my friend in Richmond, and the new earth of inland Virginia.

For the most part, this is a bland bus ride.  Although, I can tell you something very good about it.  I merely jumped online and paid $2.50 for two rides.  It was a dollar to D.C. and a dollar to Richmond.  Added to that, hardly worth mentioning is a $ .50 service charge.   Am I joking? No.  Megabus is simply performing a Mega brand- awareness campaign.  Everyone on this bus is getting a deal for the ages.

Scant wifi is available while driving through and near cities here on the east coast. There is an outlet per seat.  I’m using two.

As the bus keeps moving smoothly along,  I will try to emulate the girls across from me.  They appear to be out cold.   I’m pretty sure that yawning is contageous.  I ponder: Can’t a nice energizing, time-killing nap be too?


5 responses to this post.

  1. […] and long leg room.  I’ll call it an OK deal.  However, this deal pales in comparison to that $2.50 Megabus deal earlier in the week.  Thus, for $103.50 I’ve managed to comfortably cover most of the east coast […]


  2. Barely. However, that’s great, cuz I’m now in the habit of saving pages online to read offline, thus if I don’t have wifi while travelling, I’ll have tons of stuff to read regardless.


  3. So did ya nap?


  4. One thousand thanks! Good energy must be the only option 🙂


  5. Posted by Kez Angel on January 12, 2011 at 01:45

    I’m so excited the adventure has begun. Safe travels my friend. Peace Love and Good Energy!


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