Travel Philosophy

As I continue to organize, to throw away, to give away, to coordinate, to organize more, to realize that so many materials have been getting in my way, a native American proverb which I came across a while back pierces through my mind. Thinking of it, I’m beginning to live a revelation.

“Whatever you own, also owns you.”

I just need to get my materials down to a couple of gadgets and wires and flash drives, a couple of sets of clothes, a sarong, a couple of books, notebooks and pens, and a couple of important documents.  I ponder: Am I missing anything?

Over the past two weeks I’ve delivered about 10 big shopping bags of clothes to the Salvation Army establishment up the road. I’ve been hanging on to a ludicrous abundance of clothing, like a typical U.S. Pack rat.

Interestingly, I found out about a year ago that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Thus, I’m still in the arduous process of weeding out, but I’m getting so close.

Even though this week has consumed me with seemingly endless tasks, which all loom under the umbrella of getting ready, I MUST remember my real objective, which this current micro mission is preparing me for:  my real ideals, my life, my travel philosophy:

If you want to, you should be able to travel the world and absorb any religion, attitude or cultural trait you desire.  Simultaneously you acquire the bits that are liked, and are good, while amalgamating never ending pieces into a new and improved system of ideas.  This combination is a wild fusion; a better quality of life that’s achieved through optimistic thought, which is obtained through multiple, different human experiences. This perspective stresses the possession of respect of oneself and all others.  It requires a high EQ, or the desire to achieve a higher EQ. Deriding becomes nonexistent.

This moving, improving attitude practices the art of transcending; the creation of a mental bend in a new, positive direction. Positive thought is eaten. It’s inhaled. It’s exhaled and it’s dreamt. Little stuff must be treated as such. Negative thinking is minuscule, useless, and meaningless.

There is no mental space for wasteful thinking.

Inferiority and superiority are eliminated.

Life is a godsend! Transcend! Think big! Embrace your earth!


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  1. Absolutely right…


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