I’m fathoming indefinite travel, gearing up, minimizing, getting rid of virtually everything. OK, I concede, I do have a few über-kind friends and sibling who are letting me store a few boxes, and even my ultra back-friendly bed. But, for the most part, the art of minimizing and organizing consumes me now.

Ought I bore you with the details of this mind cleansing and somewhat sentimental and grand endeavor? I’m not even your run-of-the-mill U.S. pack rat. I have way less than that, but it’s still overwhelming.  I have stuff that has piled up for years. I might even have close to two decades worth of things, and a bureau which spans three.

I have old photos from before the digital age.  I’ve finally dumped useless mistake shots or blurry and foggy photos. Albeit, I’ve saved all of the more decent ones. Unfortunately I can’t scan and show you as these photos have just relocated to a box in someone’s garage.

I’ve got tons of copies of “The New Yorker” magazines.   They’ve just been recycled, save for two disposable copies which will make for convenient travel reading. Friends and acquaintances are stopping by, snagging up shelves, a desk, all my CDs from yesteryear which I really needed to get rid of anyway, and little stuff that will only  burden a person who drifts along our vast and great earth.

I’m making crazy progress, but am still not close to done. I have a couch, a sweet dining room and kitchen table, and an entertainment center that I still need to get rid of. My desktop machine will go to my friends’ young daughter. She might get the privilege of learning troubleshooting techniques virtually daily as this thing is four-and-a-half years old.  This thought reminds me to click the save button.

Everyone wants my giant and slim monitor. I’ll need to draw straws. I’ll miss the monitor but will have no option but to get used to the mini notebook which is arriving momentarily. Giving away the scanner and printer will be easy enough.

Now I must go through files for shredding, recycling, and keeping, then continue packing bags and boxes.   I shan’t bore you with the rest.

I’d like to share two things that I’ve learned.

1.) Most of us possess a ton of useless and unused clutter.

2.) The best thing about planning this endeavor right around the holiday season is that I was able to use some of the stuff as gifts. This is a great way to eliminate spending a few bucks that can easily be used for roaming through the world.


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  1. Posted by Maida on December 30, 2010 at 16:11

    I’m all about regifting and recycling if at all possible to avoid filling up landfills and such. Feel free to add me to the drawing for your monitor… 🙂


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