A Subcontinental Trance

I am sitting upright in my best posture, placing my eyes on articles with headings and subheadings, blogs, emails, text, more text, images, hues, profiles, tags, widgets, ubiquitous ads and underlined links that always make me wonder if I should snap my index finger down upon them.  My over-stimulated mind wanders.  I ponder at the entrancing auditory pleasantries coming from my digital universe.

I capriciously decide to sit back and let my posture become one with the chair. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, then try to exhale the blur of information that I have just potentially retained.

Listening to the soothing sounds streaming simultaneously makes me feel as if my limitless mind can go anywhere.   The celebration of the sound enhances the movement of my thoughts, causing me to crave wanderlust.

The spiritual resonance of the Sarod and the quick, tight movements of instrumental energy viscerally piercing into my being make me feel as if I’m about to come across an epiphany.   I’ve barely listened to this before thus my ears have discovered a new genre of spiritual music.  However, as new as this music is for me, it stems from some of the oldest music on earth.

Personally, this type of music is now classified into a higher subgroup which I call ‘energy thinking‘ music.  This is music that doesn’t have words, as they tend to thwart my thoughts.

When I read and write, I prefer instrumental music; jazz, new age, trance, spa, etc., thus decreasing my wandering mind from drifting away from the topic at hand.

Now, here, as I sit and listen, newness inspires me in my now very temporary living room. Absorbing this profound and pleasant, mystical energy, I feel as if Hindu Gods  are inviting me to visit their subcontinent.


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