9 Drifting Dreams

Upon wondering about how many super cool things there are to do out there on our vast and endless earthinfinite in respect to a person’s lifetime– I decided to attempt to use my wildest imagination in the hopes of coming up with some inspirational ideas.

We all know the old adage: Reality is stranger than fiction.  The following drifting dreams are indeed fiction.  However, there is a great chance that these unorthodox excursions have been done, or at least parts of them.

1.)  To walk the coast of Brazil from the Uruguayan border all the way to the equator.  NOTE: in lieu of transportation costs, one would need plenty of sunscreen, and money for leg massages along the way.  A phone would be very handy too in case one gets stuck without water somewhere in the middle of  ‘coastal nowhere‘.

2.)  To walk along the entire Indian subcontinental coast.  I haven’t been to India, but I know that a trip like this would blow my mind.  NOTE: I can’t imagine that one would come across much ‘coastal nowhere’ in India.

3.)  To devise and lead a tour from western Europe to the far east by land.  NOTE: preparation could entail a lot of experimental travel across Eurasia as there are so many potential routes to take.

4.)  To travel by land from the beginning of the Andes mountain range in Venezuela, to the end of the range at the bottom of Chile, never venturing off of the chain.  NOTE: Expect altitude sickness at times, and humble, friendly locals along most of the way.  If you don’t have enough warm clothes, buying cold-weather Andean attire is easy.

5.)  To explore the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman sea of Burma, in a kayak.  NOTE: I’m not sure if Myanmar’s military junta would condone driftification such as this, and I am guessing that one would indeed need to live off the land.

6.)  To drift through the Sahara desert in a camel caravan.  NOTE: A trip such as this would probably require an organized tour.

7.)  To walk along the entire great wall of China. NOTE:  People must be doing this.

8.)  To travel by land from the north pole of Canada all of the way to the southern most point of the Americas, Tierra del Fuego or Earth of Fire.  NOTE: this is very doable with enough patience, although I’m not sure exactly how one gets through the Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia.

9.)  To drift in whichever direction one’s soul takes them, without a care or a worry in the world.   NOTE: Extracting all worry from one’s being a form of is mental utopia.


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