14 Travel Mantras

As I’m in trip-preparation mode, I thought I’d think optimistically about my future travels by dreaming up some useful travel mantras, as they can aid in achieving a more qualitative travel experience. Because these mantras are abstract, they can just as easily be applied while living a local life at home, as I am now.

1.)  If you want something, try your best to get it. Ask for it in a very nice way. Pursue a goal, whether big or small. WHY: Because if you try, you’ll have between a zero and 100 percent chance of fulfillment, compared to zero percent if no effort is made.

2.)  When speaking or writing, don’t drift away from your topic.  WHY: you’ll appear to possess more credibility, in turn, you’ll be taken more seriously.

3.)  Be one of those rare people who genuinely listen. WHY: You’ll be less apt to drift away from the topic at hand, and you’ll be subconsciously perceived as unique in an enlightening way.

4.)  Boldness reaps rewards.  WHY: Unfortunately, shyness almost never constitutes achievement.

5.)  Place your luggage, hopefully just a small carry-on bag, on your bed or futon, and you’ll unpack and organize before you go to bed.   WHY: We don’t want the little stuff to get in the way of the big stuff.

6.)  The best time to write is now.  WHY: Procrastination is not an option.

7.)  Never underestimate yourself.  WHY: When self-esteem isn’t high, the ability to maximize potential decreases dramatically.

8.)  Everything is negotiable. WHY: Money doesn’t grow on the earth, unless you’re a farmer or an oil rich nation.

9.)  Don’t be a connoisseur of decadent desserts/Euro-style bakery stuff. WHY: Even the crème de la crème of junk food, no matter how amazing it looks or tastes, will deplete your energy level and linger in your gut, potentially hampering your overall travel experience.   NOTE: as a consolation, in moderation one can still enjoy these scrumptious wonders.  For example, share one portion with three or four people.

10.)  Concentration equals enhanced power.  WHY: the art of focus enables one to complete tasks and achieve goals with enhanced value.

11.)  Never think about something pessimistically. WHY: the idea will shrink before you have a chance to consider it.

12.)  Find a way to get a cardio workout in on multiple days per week.  WHY: Cardiovascular engagement helps the brain think better, not to mention it enhances your entire well being.

13.)  Do not present a bad or negative attitude to locals.  WHY: If you evoke a friendly, relaxed and positive aura,  it’s hard for things to go awry.

14.)  Be generous when you can be.   WHY: It comes back in ways unimaginable, and you make the world a better place.


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