10 Things I Want to do on My Next Trip

Although I haven’t actually begun my journey yet, I feel it’s nice to prepare as best as I can before actually hitting that lonely yet utterly fascinating and arbitrary path.  This spontaneous trail will ideally aid in sparking a manic excitement,  and an enthusiasm that will allow for enhanced creativity.

Before embarking on the next journey, when I think of something to write, something that is related to earthdrifting, I’ll write and post.   On that note, I’ll brainstorm ten things that I want out of this up and coming ‘driftification’.

This is a great exercise in easing the anticipation of beginning a journey, especially when intuition is screaming from deep down inside, telling you that this whole new geographical and cultural milieu will aid in generating new and enhanced lifestyle ideas.

I’ve found that traveling to exotic places far away in distant, different climates, can spark an unprecedented rise in mood, optimism and creativity.

During my next trip:

I want to try and learn about local cuisine.   Sampling new cuisine is like teleporting back to childhood and seeing, smelling and tasting something for the first time. BONUS: Newness enhances neuron integrity.

I want to learn how to cook local cuisine that I really like.  Going beyond just eating the food by actually preparing it, provides an extra spiritual connection to what we are putting into our sacred bodies.  BONUS: By adding a dish to your culinary repertoire, you’re able to grow gastronomically, providing the potential to concoct tastier, more colorful and fascinating dishes.

I want to engage in acts of altruism.  As whimsical as my travel trajectories may be, there is more than a great chance that I’ll begin in a rather impoverished, developing region.  Thus, ideally I can engage in different creative acts of kindness.  BONUS: Doing something good for someone can enhance hope and optimism while witnessing a desperate world.

I want to interact with open-minded, optimistic and like-minded people. BONUS: Positive vibes are contagious.

I want to try to interact with every walk of human life that I come across.  I feel that I can learn something from everyone.  All people have something unique to offer.  BONUS: The more different types of people you come across, the more you reinforce that the concept of normal doesn’t exist.

I want to hike to the top of mountains.  I love nature and exercise. BONUS: Reaching the top of a peak can act as a metaphor for other wonderful things.

I want to become very fluent in my third language.  I need to learn more complex grammar, the more challenging stuff.  BONUS: I have a bizarre mental fetish for languages.

I want to drift around markets, sampling and buying food, snapping shots and engaging in conversation with gregarious locals. BONUS: Talking to genuine local people is priceless.

I want to live as much like a local as I possibly can.  This means trying to avoid tourist traps and existing more like an ordinary person.   I won’t be dependent on seeing particular sites.  If it’s there and I see it then great.  Will I shell out an arm and a leg for it?  Probably not.  There is nothing that anyone needs to see or do.  To do or not to do depends on the individual exclusively.  I’ll use the same transportation as the locals, eat in the same restaurants, and shop for local food in the same stores as them.  I’ll also try to mimic their native speaking skills as best as I can.  BONUS: A more authentic experience is had.

I want to have a fantastic attitude.  When encountering hardship, I must realize that the positive will outweigh the negative.   I’ll try to tranquilly figure out a way to overcome obstacles.  BONUS: You feel much better when your mind is in harmony with the environment.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi ED. How much of the above did you achieve, on reflection? Are you cooking local Indian curries? Pinks.


    • PINKY: Excellent question. I’ll need to reflect upon what I actually did and didn’t do over the last year plus of traveling, I think in a new post. As for Indian Curry, honestly, making it is still a foreign concept to me. I’ve yet to settle in to a place with a wok, gas burner and an Indian store nearby. Excuses aside as they’re never advantageous, I’d still love to learn about the complexity of Indian curries because I absolutely enjoy the intense flavors. While in India, I think that food grows on a foreigner over time.


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